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Entrepreneur & CEO

Keke LaShell aka Akiba L. Stewart is a child development educator, child advocate, family advocate, health advocate, fem influencer, and content creator. She is the founder of Guidance Too, a childcare service and resource for families. In addition, Keke is the founder of Restart with Keke, a useful source for those seeking inspiration, advice, and a safe online environment to express themselves. As a teenager, Akiba babysat, tutored younger children, and worked in a skincare store before attending Michigan State University (MSU). While at MSU, she continued to develop her passion for family support, fashion, and health. 

KeKe LaShell

About RWK

Restart with Keke started off as Restart in the summer of 2017, an online skincare store and blog. For years, our founder, Akiba L. Stewart served as a useful source to those seeking inspiration, advice, and a safe person to express themselves. She decided to own that role and be intentional about it, but she wasn’t sure how or where to start. 


Moving away from home as a teen and struggling to understand womanhood, Akiba felt like she wanted guidance and clean sleet. If only somehow, she could restart her life. She began her femininity journey and posted it on Restart. This was the formation of Restart with Keke. 


Restart with Keke is intended to empower, educate, and format a fem community. This site is dedicated to building innovation, providing resources, networking, and supporting womanhood. 


Our features include a lifestyle blog, beauty videos, wellness tips, a member’s page where members can network and chat with each other, and soon our shop.  


Subscribe to our site for monthly newsletters about all things feminine. Soon we will be relaunching our merch, so keep a lookout. Investigate our site and all we have to offer. If you’d like to sponsor us, collaborate, or donate to our cause, please contact us via email. We love chatting with members! Please email us with any questions, comments, or concerns. 


Thank you and welcome to Restart with Keke. 
Remember to be you, be true and live FEARLESSLY

Fun Facts

Akiba played varsity soccer and volleyball throughout high school. In addition, she was on the MSU Women's Rowing team. 

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